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Join a group of volunteers in planning and managing the Annual fundraising Dinner; in promoting CANHAVE and selling raffle tickets at fairs and markets; in giving time and talent to communications and administration. Please join CANHAVE and share the hope and joy of making a difference to 100 AIDS-affected Ugandan orphans.

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CANHAVE is a membership-based charity. The fee each year is $25.00 per person, $50.00 per family. In return you may vote at the Annual General Meeting and will receive a hardcopy of The Clarion and news of CANHAVE events.

Our membership form is available as a PDF document. Please send your completed membership form to:


P.O. Box 21045

Ottawa ON


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You can always complete an on-line membership form, if you prefer.

CANHAVE Membership Form

Online Membership Form

CANHAVE is a Canadian/Ugandan partnership that funds the education of vulnerable children so they can survive and thrive, gain skills, and become independent, contributing Ugandans. CANHAVE is a membership-based organization. Anyone who annually donates $25.00 or more becomes a member who is eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting. We wish to extend our communications about the work in Uganda through e-mail and would appreciate your completing all parts of the form. Thank you.


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CANHAVE has two major programmes:

The Children’s Programme and the Trade School . Each year the two Boards approve a list of priorities for which funds are needed.

In 2016/2017, the priority of The children’s Programme is to increase the number of primary school orphans supported by CANHAVE.

In 2016/2017 our priorities are to:

(a). Increase the number of children attending primary school

(b). Provide learning materials for the courses

(c). Complete and furnish the permanent girls’ dormitory

(d). Contribute to the funding of further education of successful CANHAVE graduates, where possible

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