Can I donate by cheque?

Yes. Donations by cheque can be sent via Canada Post to CANHAVE Children’s Centre, Inc., 10 Chesterton Drive, Ottawa, ON K2E 5S9.

Can I donate by credit card?

Yes. Donations may be made at our fundraising events or by mail via credit card (either Visa or MasterCard or American Express). Please select the button below to provide the necessary information re: the credit card.

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Can I donate online?

Yes. Via our website, donations can be made through CanadaHelps, which issues charitable donation receipts directly to the donors, and then transfers the donation, less a small fee, electronically into the bank account for CANHAVE.

Can I get a charitable receipt for my donation?

Yes. CANHAVE Children’s Centre, Inc. is a registered charitable organization with the Canada Revenue Agency. Official charitable receipts for income tax purposes are issued at the end of each calendar year for all donations made during the calendar year.

Can I direct where I want my donation to be spent?

Yes. Donations may be directed to one or other of the programmes supported by CANHAVE, as follows: (a) child sponsorship; (b) vocational school; (c) post-secondary scholarships. Donations may also be earmarked for a specific capital works project.

Can I make an in-kind donation?

Yes, if the item to be donated meets a specific need of CANHAVE. However, to receive a charitable receipt for the donation, CANHAVE must be provided with written proof of the value of the item to be donated (e.g. bill of sale), and accept the documentation prior to the transfer of the donated item.

Who in Uganda is responsible for seeing my donation is spent wisely?

The work of CANHAVE Uganda is overseen by a group of volunteer trustees. The trustees appoint two volunteer boards of directors: one to oversee the Children’s Programme in Uganda, and one to oversee the administration of the vocational school in Uganda. Each year the boards of directors in Uganda submit, through the trustees, their proposed budgets and requests for funding support to the board of directors in Canada. These proposed budgets and requests are carefully reviewed by the finance committee of the board of directors in Canada, prior to a recommendation to the board of directors for approval of the annual budget for CANHAVE.

How does CANHAVE transfer money overseas?

CANHAVE Children’s Centre, Inc. in Canada arranges via wire transfer through our local Canadian bank to transfer funds to a partner bank in Uganda. The trustees of CANHAVE Uganda are notified of each transfer, and send to the board of directors in Canada confirmation from their bank in Uganda of the receipt of funds, showing the amount received and the conversion into Ugandan shillings.