CanHave update – November 2021

We have been trying to maintain contact with the students and volunteers but this has been more difficult because of COVID restrictions imposed by the Ugandan Government and by some level of unrest in the country. In an attempt to control the spread of COVID infections, the Government has closed schools and public services again. It also banned all public and private transportation for a time. At this time the Government has begun to reduce restrictions:

  • The restrictions on public transport have been eased.
  • While large public gatherings are forbidden, universities and colleges were reopened in November.
  • The government has announced that it is targeting vaccination of 25% of the population by the end of the first quarter of 2022, but vaccine supply is still uncertain.
  • It has announced that schools will reopen in January, but a specific date has not been set. As there has been no on-line learning available we do not know how the students will catch up on the schooling that they have missed as a result of school closures. Now that volunteers are allowed limited movement within the Kampala region they are preparing our students for a return to school in the new year. This includes ensuring that they have the necessary school supplies ready, that transportation is arranged and ready to respond when schools open, and that the students are screened and healthy to return to school. At this time we know or expect that all of the students that we are sponsoring will return to school when the schools open. This is in itself a measure of commitment of the students and success of our volunteers, as we are hearing reports that a significant number of students (<20 %) did not return to school the last time that schools reopened, but all of our students returned. We continue to support our volunteers by providing some financial support to pay for transportation (now that it is available) and “airtime” to allow communication among the volunteers. We are working with the volunteers in Uganda to be ready for the return to school of our sponsored students. We continue to need your prayers and financial support as we move forward. Thank you!