Student Status update

CANHAVE Student status

January marked the beginning of a new school year in Uganda.  In January 2020 CANHAVE sponsored eighty-four students in primary and secondary school and five students at the CANHAVE Vocational School. In 2019, 3 students did not complete their year because of illness and they will be repeating their respective levels in 2020.

In December, 2019 five students completed S4 level and wrote and passed the government qualifying exams.  Of these five, two have been enrolled in the Vocational School in 2020 and three will continue to S5 level.

Three students completed S6 level in 2019 and are awaiting the results of the Government qualifying exams.  If their scores are high enough, the students may qualify for government support to continue to University.  Like many other things, these results may be delayed because of the pressures caused by the COVID 19 virus.

The COVID-19 virus has affected students and schools in Uganda in much the same way as it has affected schools in Canada.  All primary and secondary schools in Uganda were closed on 20 March and will remain closed until at least 1 June.  There is no definitive statement as to when classes will begin again or how the students will complete the first term that would have ended in the third week in April.  This interruption of school schedule is more troubling for our students as, as orphans, not all of them have safe homes to go to; in many ways they would be in a safer and more structured setting while at boarding school.